Monday, August 22, 2011

Language Camp

So, I actually have an excuse for not posting for the past week and that reason is that I was at language camp in Borås! There were 52 exchange students (29 from the US, 8 from Canada, 6 from France, 3 from Japan, 2 from Taiwan, 2 from Brazil, 1 from Austria and 1 from Italy) so basically the US just took over. There were even THREE Coloradans! The first day we just sort of chilled. There was a lot of sitting there listening to the director talk for hours. The second day was all language learning, except, not really. The classes were more geared towards those who did not study the language what so ever before coming here so basically I sat there having to repeat ‘Jag heter Danni’ ‘Jag kommer från Colorado’ ‘Jag pratar engelska och lite svenska’ for six hours. On Tuesday we learned an Afro dance (no one knows why) and we learned some tradition and culture stuff. Wednesday morning we had more Swedish lessons, which again, were pretty useless and then in the afternoon we did a soccer tournament with some college exchange students. I played soccer for about ten years but after two years of not playing I was really bad. Thursday we worked on our country presentations and practiced our Afro dance again. That night we had some local Rotarians and some of the exchange students that had been here for six months (oldies) come for a fancy dinner where we performed our dance and every state and country did a presentation about our area. The Coloradans did a power point, but it ended up not working so we just showed some pictures and talked and I got to dress up like a cowboy! On Friday we went over some rotary rules then went home around noon. The camp parts were boring, but the best parts were definitely hanging out with the other exchange students.

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