Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Four!!!

4th of August, Thursday/Torsdag

The dogs, Gibson and Kenso, in the summer house
I finally slept late! Well, I slept until around nine thirty which now feels kind of late for me. After breakfast we went for a bath, which seems like the only thing they do when they are at the summer house. I'm still not very used to changing right by the water as they all do here. In America, you could be arrested and put on the sex offenders list just for quickly changing, but here it is completely normal, and they are much more accustom to nakedness. Anyway, while we were there, Anna introduced me to her friend Fredrik who was really nice and had spent some time in Colorado. After talking to him for a bit, he got a call from his friend who was coming to visit him saying that he couldn't make it to our island because the bridge gave him vertigo. So to help him out, Fredrik, had Anna and I drive his fancy BMW convertible to the next island to pick his friend up them we drove back. It was my first time in a convertible, but sadly I am not allowed to drive here. When we got back to our island, we had lunch of ham and pineapple then Anna and Oskar went somewhere and Johan and I watched Watchmen. Johan left about half way through the movie because he had to do something for his school, but Magnus got there shortly after and Anna, Oskar, and Oskar's friend came back not long after. We had middag (dinner) of spaghetti and pork, then my other host brother, Axel, and his girlfriend, Emilia, came over. Axel had done something he wasn't supposed to (I don't know what, I just know they were yelling at him in Swedish) so we just sort of sat around for a while, then Johan, Axel, Emilia, Oskar and I went for a bath, even though it was really late, the water was surprisingly warmer than during the day. When we got back to the house they kept yelling at Axel, and because I can't understand Swedish when it is spoken very fast, I went to sleep.

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  1. Sounds exciting! I'm very curious now to what Axel did wrong. I'm also glad about your talking swedish. Have fun taking...baths :/

    We miss you!