Thursday, June 16, 2011


I don't actually have anything new to report, but I was in a blogging mood. =/

So, here are some pictures and videos of Göteborg, the city I will be living in next year.


Göteborg Facts

It is the red dot on the western side
  • The population of the city is 600,000. 900,00 in the Large-Göteborg area.

  • Göteborg was founded year 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf.

  • The English word for Göteborg is Gothenburg, which is the name you are more likely to hear if you are not from Sweden.

  • On June 21st (the longest day of the year) the sun rises around 4:14am and sets around 11pm.

  • On December 21st, the shortest day of the year, which also happens to be my birthday, the sun rises around 9:00am and sets around 3:30pm.

  • There are 175 square meters of green space per citizen.

  • There are 167 cafés in Göteborg.

Why is Gothenburg called "Little London"?

In the 1800´s Gothenburg started to become more industrial and this was a great deal to the many Scottish and English businessmen that had moved to Gothenburg. At this time they had big trade over the North Sea with Great Britain.

Many Englishmen and Scotsmen became very wealty as among other: Carnegie, Chalmers, Chapman, Dickson, Hall and Keiller. They donated some of their fortune to Gothenburg and this ended in that the city got it´s Library, University and Hospital. These persons made a good impression on the town and so for that reason, the name "Little London".

City View

Göteborg Opera House
Trädgårdsföreningen in Gothenburg

The Botanical Garden
Tjornekalv at the West coast archipelago

Göteborg Harbor
Art Museum in Göteborg

The Roller Coaster at Liseberg in Göteborg

Göteborg Main Street Avenyn
Göteborg Archipelago
The Harbor

Haga in Gothenburg