Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 26


Today my school did a sort of scavenger hunt around the city as a get to know each other thing. The problem was, my group did not speak to each other at all, so they didn’t even know the I don’t speak Swedish very well and they probably just thought I was shy. But anyway, for the scavenger hunt we were given a clue that led us to the amusement park in the city, then a teacher met us and gave us a map. The map led us to Delsj√∂, a big lake near my house. There we just sat around for a while then put on some weird plays that I had no idea what they were about.
It’s amazing how relaxed school is here. In the US the school could be sued for taking us all through the forest and the city without a teaching in led, kids were smoking at the lake, and in one of the plays a guy stripped down to his underwear then jumped into the lake.

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