Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HOST FAMILY(S)!!!!!!!!

At about two o'clock yesterday (May 30th) my cell phone's new email alert went off. My phone tells me when I have a new email, but won't let me see it. At first I wasn't going to bother checking because I tend to get a lot of junk email to that email address, but I decided to check it anyway. When the page loaded up, I saw the an email from a Magnus A. (I'm not going to post the full name here) I thought it was an odd name and figured it was one of those "You've won a million dollars, just fill out your name, birthplace and social security number" sort of emails, but then I looked at the subject line. It read: "Hello from your family in Sweden!"

My house in Sweden!!!
The email was from my host father, Magnus. He is 48 years old and works as an account manager at an advertising agency. His wife, Anna, is also 48 and has her own business as a physiotherapist. They have three sons, Johan is 18 and went to Minnesota last year on exchange, Axel is my age (16) and he will be in Houston, Texas next year, and their youngest son Oskar is almost 12. They also have a six year old Irish Setter named Gibson. They live in a beautiful house (pictured on the right) in a neighborhood right out side of Göteborg, the second largest city in Sweden. Göteborg was the city I was hoping for in the first place, though I did not actually think I would get it seeing as a lot of kids go on exchange to Sweden and not all of them can go to a city. I would have been happy with anywhere, but I am so ecstatic, because it seems like such an amazing city. Also, since I have spent pretty much my entire life in a ranching town of 15,000, a city of 600,000 will be a nice change of pace.

Back row: Axel, Johan, Magnus   Front row: Anna, Oskar, Gibson

After I responded to the email, I posted to a facebook group for exchange students headed to Sweden for the 2011-2012 year about my host family. A few minutes later, a girl named Ellen who is from Sweden going to Japan next year commented saying this:
Danni...I think you will come to my family as well! And I know your family ( I think...) If they have a son named Axel. I live in Göteborg, and together with two other families mine will have three different exchange students, one from colorado. Do you play the cello??? :D
So I commented saying that, yes one of my host brother's name is Axel and yes I play the cello. So it turns out that her family will be my second or third host family. Ellen also plays the cello, so I can use her cello while I am there, which is great because bringing musical instruments as large as a cello on planes is extremely difficult. I don't know too much about Ellen's family yet, only that she has two younger brothers. She also told me the name of someone that will possibly be my third host family. I haven't heard anything about what school I'm going to or anything from my host club, but I'll update you when I know more.

Anna and Gibson!
Having all of these brothers will definitely be something I'll have to get used so, seeing as I have one sister, I'm hosting a girl and the only male I've ever lived with is my father.I'm also very glad that my family has a dog. I have two dogs, a black lab named Maddie and an Australian Shepard, Blue Healer mix named Max. I got Max when I was three years old so I've pretty much had a dog my entire remembered life. I was worried about what I would do without a dog, so now if I am upset I can play with Gibson or take him for a walk in the huge park near my house.

That's all for now, I'll update you when I find out more!

Hay Days and the End of American School (for now)

I haven't written in a while, and I don't really have much of an excuse, considering I have had plenty of time. Nothing exchange related has really happened, but a lot of interesting things in my life have happened.

Two Saturdays Ago: My exchange sister, Vee, had a fund raising Thai dinner to raise money for her USA tour. My mom, outbound friend Carli, and the club president Joe and his wife, Jan, started cooking around two o'clock. The dinner actually started around six but there was a lottttt of food to make. The food was amazing and it was really great getting to know some the members of the Rotary club.

Vee and Me in front of the plane

Two Sundays Ago: Mike and Carol, a couple from my mom's Rotary club, took Vee and I flying in a small plan around my town. I got a little motion sick, but it was really fun.

Two Mondays Ago: When we pulled up at the school we saw all of the students standing around in the front courtyard. This is very strange and my school because hardly anyone hangs around outside in the morning. I went up to one of my friends and found out that the senior prank was putting 30 bales of hay in the commons of my school. It was old, moldy hay so the dust from it caused a fog in the school and eight teachers had been hospitalized from it. They tried to herd all 1,300 students over to the fair grounds next to the school but within about two hours about 4/5ths of the student body managed to escape. At about 10:00 the principal announced school was cancelled for the day. After that, Vee, Carli, our friend Anna and I went over to Carli's house for the rest of the day and jumped on her trampoline and just hung out. Later that night we got a call that school was cancelled until Thursday, but it started snowing on Tuesday and continued on until Friday so most of the hay days were spent inside.

This Friday was the last day of school. It was weird saying goodbye to everyone, thinking that about half of them I will never see again. School got out at noon, and after that Vee, Carli, Sequoia, Sequoia's boyfriend Seth and I went to a grocery store, bought a lot of food and walked to a park to have a picknick. It was a great end to school.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Who are you?

I am Danni, I am 16 years old from Durango, Colorado.

Why are you here?

I am going on exchange next year, so I am making this blog to keep in touch with people back home and inform others of my exchange.

Where are you going?

I am going to Sweden

It is the dark orange country
Where/what is Sweden?

 You are unintelligent, but I will take pity and answer your question. Sweden in long peninsula country in Northern Europe. 

What do they speak there/ do you speak it?

They speak Swedish. I speak very basic Swedish but I will learn when I get there.

Is Sweden that country in the Alps where the Sound of Music was and they speak French and German?

No, that is Austria and Switzerland.

Why Sweden?

I didn't get to pick. My district picks for you, but I am very happy with their choice.

How long will you be there?

One year

When do you leave?

Around July 29th

Are you excited?

Of, course. How can you not be excited when you are doing something like this?

Are you nervous?

Of, course. How can you not be nervous when you are doing something like this?