Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Five

This morning was pretty lazy, we just hung around the summer house, I went for a walk with Anna and Gibson, then we had hamburgers for lunch. They don’t taste the same as American hamburgers, they kind of taste like they actually make them with ham instead of beef, but they were good none the less. After lunch we dropped Axel and Emilia off at Marstrand then drove back to Göteborg, and I slept most of the ride. When we got home we just hung around for a while, then I thought my host mom asked me if I wanted to go to school with Johan. I was confused because I already knew I was going to the same school as him, and I also knew that school hadn’t started yet, but I said yes anyway. So we drove into town and she dropped me off at the school I will go to. I stood in the parking lot kind of confused for a minute while she drove away, but then Johan showed up and led me into the school where he and his friends were filming some sort of video for the school board. It was a parody of The Godfather, so they were smearing ketchup onto Johan’s face, which was pretty funny. After they finished filming, Johan, his friend Tim and I went to a grocery store to buy stuff for dinner then we walked over to Tim’s house where we cooked pasta with sausage and carrots. We ate, then walked through some old cemetery, then they took me to a candy shop and we bought a whole bunch of Swedish candy for me to try. We ate the candy while watching some really strange movie, then Johan and I got back to our house around midnight.

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