Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 25


Today was my first full day of school, though we didn’t have any classes, just get to know each other activities. First they put all of the music students in the Aula (auditorium thingy) and talked at us in Swedish. They talked quickly and people were chatting, so I couldn’t really understand anything they said, but somehow I managed to
figure out they had split us into groups then assigned each group a place to go. I went to the right classroom on my first try! First we sang. It was some Swedish song that they all knew, but I didn’t so I just kind of moved my mouth and pretended. Then everyone else got their schedules set up, but for some reason they are having problems doing mine so I don’t have one yet. Then we went to some classroom and a guy talked really, really fast about something (I’m not sure what) and then they gave us an hour for Fika. During fika a girl in my class came up to me and started talking in Swedish. She spoke slowly and clearly, and I could actually understand her easily! I even spoke Swedish back to her! We chatted for a while, mainly in Swedish but occasionally going to English if I didn’t understand something. Lucky for me, her English is not very good so she doesn’t default to English and she moved to Sweden from Vietnam five years ago so she knows what its like to not understand anything. We ate lunch together then hung out in the school while we waited to get our student cards. She is new to Göteborg and I actually knew my way around better than her and I even gave her directions on how to get to her tramstop, which was a pretty good feeling.

After school, I stopped at a little shop to buy some chocolate (it’s sooooo good!) and in the line in front of me there were two British guys asking questions about buying a phone card. Once they finished I went to pay and the lady started to speak English to me then said in Swedish “Oh, Swedish, not English” and I was able to answer her in Swedish and she had no idea I was American! I’m not sure why, but that made me really happy! Then I walked down to my tramstop but didn’t feel like going home yet, so I sat by the canal and ate some chocolate while listening to music. Then I went home and took a nap because I am always tired now.

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