Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Three

August 3, Wednesday/Onsdag

The view from the summer house
Today I finally managed to sleep until eight o'clock, which sort of feels like a major accomplishment for me, haha. After eating breakfast, I was going to charge my ipod, but the fancy, expensive converter we got, blew a fuse, although the cheap, three dollar one works perfectly fine. So, since the internet was down, and I needed to get my bank account set up, Johan and I went into town. We bought some Cokes which actually taste much better here then they do in America because they use real sugar here instead of the fructose crap. Then we met Magnus and got my Swedish bank account all set up and Magnus had to go back to work, so Johan and I went and got lunch a some market. It was a very typical Swedish meal with breaded fish, potatoes, salad and this yummy sauce that I can't remember the name of. Johan had to go to a music store after lunch, and while I was sitting there waiting, I had my first Swedish conversation without first being introduced as 'Danni from Colorado' or 'our exchange student'. It was a simple conversation, the guy asked me what I played, I said I played cello, he looked at me confused because they didn't sell cellos there, so I pointed to Johan and said my brother plays guitar. Then the guy asked where I was from, I said the US and he nodded and walked away. It was simple but I was proud of myself. Anyway, when we finished at the music store, Anna picked us up and we went to the summer house where we went for a bath in the ocean, I made them tacos for dinner, then we watched 127 Hours, which really freaked my host mom out.

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