Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Nine

The wheel and one of the smaller freefall towers at Liseberg

Today we left the summer house around noon, after a small fight between my host mom and host brother, which seems to happen quite often. We got back to Göteborg and picked up Ellen and Satomi, then went to Liseberg which is a big amusement park close to my house. I think it is the biggest in Sweden and it has the highest freefall tower in Europe, I believe. We went on a lot of rides, and I even went on a rollercoaster! I have never been on one before, and was pretty terrified, but it turned out to be really fun! They even had a ride called Colorado, but spelled wrong, which was supposed to be a river ride going through an old mining building. The building actually looked a lot like the old abandoned ones you see on the passes, but the river was much calmer than anything I’ve been on. The three of us spent about four hours there, then I took the tram home, and managed to find my house all by myself!

Satomi and Me

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