Monday, August 22, 2011

Days 20 and 21

Elisa and Me on the boat tour

This weekend there was a culture and music festival in my city. On Saturday my host mom, dad, youngest host brother Oskar, and the Italian exchange student Elisa went into town around noon. At the harbor there was an old ship that had apparently sailed to China a long time ago and there were a whole bunch of people dressed up in old traditional Swedish clothes and making old traditional Swedish food. Then we went to a platsen (plaza) that had a whole bunch of stalls with food from different countries. I had an authentic bratwurst and it was delicious! Then after lunch we met up with the Japanese exchange student and her host family who will host me later on and went on a paddan tour, which is a boat tour through the canals of the city. We couldn't understand what the tour guide was saying so we just made stuff up and took pictures of us. After the tour we went back to our house for dinner then took the tram back into the city took hear some bands play.
On Sunday I went into they city again with my host brother Johan to meet up with an Australian exchange student, Ari, and two girls that had just gotten back from exchange in the US. Johan left to go to a soccer game but the rest off us sat by the canal and listened to some bands play while they enjoyed listening to Ari and I practicing our Swedish on them. After a couple of hours I managed to find my way home on the tram on my own for the first time!

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