Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dag Femtionio (59)


I realize I’m really behind in posts and I’m trying to catch up now!
Wednesdays are normally my short days, but today I didn’t have school at all! The other exchange student from Colorado (Margo) didn’t have school either, so we met up and did a little shopping, then we went and got my hair cut! I have really thick, curly hair, and in this humid, rainy and windy environment, it was just too much to handle, so I cut it all off! Okay, well, not all off it, but most of it. After my hair cut, we took the tram back to my house where we made some spaghetti for lunch because we are too cheap to eat out, which is pretty expensive here. Then we went back into the city and did some more shopping. I got a purse, some Swedish styled shirts and sweaters and a pair of leggings so I can start to dress like a Swede. After some more shopping, Margo and I went to a cafe and had fika where we people watched for a while, then we were both really tired so we went home.

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