Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dag Femtiotvå (52)

Fake mustaches

Wednesdays are my short days! I start at 9:45, so I got to sleep in a bit, then I chatted with my host mom while I ate breakfast. I started with English class where we read a story about some gangsters. The story was written the 1960’s and was set in New York, but the teacher was like “This story is set in America so it uses a lot of American sayings,” then he kept asking me what they meant and I was like, “I have absolutely know idea what that means” and then everybody laughed. After English we had Svenska (Swedish) I don’t really know what we did because the guys sitting behind me kept talking to me, then they started going through my bag, and took a big stack of my business cards, which is okay, because I still have about 200 of them, haha. We left Svenska early because it was picture day today! For some reason they guys in my class all decided to draw mustaches on for the picture. The picture took forever because we kept screwing around, then finally we finished and went to lunch. I didn’t have any other classes but was bored so two of my classmates and I went to a candy store and hung out for a little while. Finally they had to actually go to class so I took the tram home and did some homework.

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