Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dag Fyrtiofyra (44)

My School

In Sweden (and most of Europe) you have different classes every single day, which is definitely hard to get used to, but I really enjoy it. Today I had Orkester/Orchestra, Matematik/Math, Engelska/English and Kören/Choir. In orchestra, we played a Queen medley, Don’t Stop Me Now, and The Show Must Go On. My school’s music program is rated the best in Western Sweden so our orchestra is really good and it was really fun to play these modern songs with such an advanced orchestra! In math we had a test that was only three questions long! It was really easy, but I did that math two years ago, so I have an advantage. In English we read some story then watch Monty Python! In Choir we sang some song in German and then I finished at 3:50 and took the tram home.

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