Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dag Femtiofem (55)

Me on the train
Today me and the Italian exchange student met up at her house then took the tram down to Central Station. We had a bit of trouble finding our train and figuring out how to get tickets, but we got it done just in time and made it on the train. Elisa (the Italian) was fascinated by how fancy Swedish trains were, and explained to me that our country was doomed to fail just because we don’t use trains very often (it was only my third time ever on a train that wasn’t for scenic purposes) and then she took my camera and ran around the train taking pictures of the train. It took about forty minutes and then we arrived in Varberg. There we met some other exchangers, Simon and Jess (Australia), Natasha (Canada), Keila (Argentina), Lisa (USA), Deigo (Chile), Chihiro and Nao (Japan) and Pablo (Hungary), and we went to a cafe. So basically we just terrified the cafe with our foreign-ness for an hour. We played a little game where we guessed where each person came from and people seem to have trouble believing I am from the US. They always seem to think I am either from Italy or Eastern Europe… I have no idea why. Anyway, after fika we went to an autumn festival at an old fort. There was a museum talking about the fort and the skeleton of some guy they had found murdered hundreds of years ago. We chilled for a few hours and then Elisa and I had to go catch our train.


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