Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dag Femtioett (51)

Contents of my package

This morning I went and picked up the package my parents sent me from the post office. Then my host mom and I had to go to the immigration office to make it legal for me to be here. It was legal before but now it’s ‘offical’ haha. Anyway, by the time we got out of the office, it was twenty minutes into my first class so my host mom just dropped me off at home, where I opened the package and enjoyed my snacks and candy. At noon I had a Rotary meeting but I was bored so I went in around 11 and wandered around town for a while. The Rotary meeting was fun, but pretty boring because it’s all in Swedish and it was some guy from Volvo talking about environmental cars or something. When the meeting ended it was raining out but one of the guys was going the same direction as me and shared his umbrella. I got to school half way through English class. We were writing scary stories, so I just helped some of the groups. After English we had choir, where we are singing a songs in German, Norwegian and then an English song written in the 1500’s.

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