Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dag Fyrtiosex (46)

My host doggy Gibson

Today I started school at 9:50 with my Musik och Kommunikation class. It’s a strange class and I really don’t have any idea what is going on. Last week we played games but this week we read poems to the class. After Mu Ko we had Svenska. I tried to pay attention but ended up drawing a muffin with a face on it, then we were left to work on some questions in groups and my group spent the time trying to teach me Swedish. Then we had studiegrupp which is like homeroom and I finally got my bus card. Then I ate lunch with two of my friends and I tried to teach them how to say ‘th’ and they tried to teach me to pronounce Swedish ‘r’ ‘å’ ‘ö’ ‘ä’ and ‘sju’ which I have trouble with because we don’t have those sounds in English. Then I had a break for two hours then Svenska som Andraspråk (swedish as a second language) but the teacher never showed up so all of us exchangers and foreign students just messed around in the hallway then went home.

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