Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dag Femtiofyra (54)

Poseidon statue on the way to school

Today I started at 9 with GeMu Rhythm (music theory rhythm section) where the teacher played rhythms and we had to write it out. I really like this class, not because it’s interesting, which its really not, but the teacher is pretty old and speaks slowly so I can actually understand pretty much everything! Then I had an hour break where I just chilled in what is called the Ghetto which is just where the music kids hang out. Then we had Kultur och Idéhistoria which was pretty boring because the teacher talks really fast so I can’t understand anything. Then I went out to lunch with three of the guys from my class and when we got back, I found out our next class was cancelled so I had a jam session with some other kids from my class. After our jam, we had sport class, but me and two of the guys forgot our gym clothes so while the rest of the class did orienteering (you get a map and run through the forest trying to find certain points on the map) we hung out in a park. Then when the class ended, one of the guys had to go home so me and the other one went to Burger King, which is actually much better here, and we chilled for a while.

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