Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dag Sjutiotvå (72)

My neighborhood
OH MY GOSH! Have I really been here that long!?!?!? It seems to have flown by!
Once again it is Wednesday, my short day! I started school at 9:45 with Engelska (English) where we were writing stories about our heroes. For those of you who had Sophomore Honors English with me first tri, you know that my belief in heroes is complicated, but because I have trouble explaining it in English, I just made up something and finished in about ten minutes, then I sat there playing on my ipod and occasionally people would come up to me and ask me words like ‘what do you call those things you put on your arms when you are a kid and can’t swim’ or ‘is WAZOOGA a word?’ After English we had Svenska (Swedish) where they were… well I don’t actually know what they were doing. I tried to follow but teacher talks so fast even some of the Swedes have trouble understanding him and whatever they were reading was in Old Swedish and I have enough trouble with New Swedish. So, to not make it a waste of time, I pulled out my Hitta Nemo (finding nemo in Swedish) book, my Swedish as a Second Language notebook and my Swedish-English dictionary and sat there translating the book.
We finished class at 11:50 and normally I stay for lunch, but it was fish today so I took the tram home and ate a peanut butter sandwich (thank you sooo much for the peanut butter mom!) Then I took my host dog, Gibson, for a walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures.
The entrance to my street
A random road
A street that leads to my street
My living room and host dog
After our walk, Gibson slept a bit and I had a big class of chocolate milk (with lactose free milk!) The Swedish version of Nesquik is called O’boy and it amazing!
After my snack, I went to my room and continued to read Hitta Nemo and study the words I didn’t know.

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