Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Who are you?

I am Danni, I am 16 years old from Durango, Colorado.

Why are you here?

I am going on exchange next year, so I am making this blog to keep in touch with people back home and inform others of my exchange.

Where are you going?

I am going to Sweden

It is the dark orange country
Where/what is Sweden?

 You are unintelligent, but I will take pity and answer your question. Sweden in long peninsula country in Northern Europe. 

What do they speak there/ do you speak it?

They speak Swedish. I speak very basic Swedish but I will learn when I get there.

Is Sweden that country in the Alps where the Sound of Music was and they speak French and German?

No, that is Austria and Switzerland.

Why Sweden?

I didn't get to pick. My district picks for you, but I am very happy with their choice.

How long will you be there?

One year

When do you leave?

Around July 29th

Are you excited?

Of, course. How can you not be excited when you are doing something like this?

Are you nervous?

Of, course. How can you not be nervous when you are doing something like this?

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