Sunday, April 10, 2011

July 29th?!?!?!

About two weeks ago I got my short-term residency application form for Sweden and I also found out my tentative departure date is July 29th to July 30th. That means about three and a half months or 109 days (why yes, I am counting). Seeing as I previously thought I would be leaving around mid to late August, this really came as a shock to me.

Another thing that has recently came as a big shock to me is the fact that me leaving is really going to have a big affect on the people I'm leaving behind.
Let me start from the beginning. My friend group is the sort that defies the social norm. You know, the norm that says high school will split your friend group apart? Yeah, that one. Well, my group, which one of my teachers affectionately (sort of) calls 'The Cult', have been together since elementary school. It's all a sort of complicated web, but I'll give you the basics: (I'm going to talk about each of my friends now, but if you don't really care you can skip over it)

From left to right: Becca, Me, and Carli
On the far left there's Becca, who I have been friends with since we were two years old. She can act sort of goofy and childish, but is also one of the most confident people I know, and not in the cocky sort of way. She's also the sort of person that can make you laugh even when you feel like dying.
On the right is Carli. She and I became friends in sixth grade. We are quite similar in many ways, especially how our brains work. Lately we seem to talk the most out of our group, because she is going on exchange to Romania so we always seem to be able to talk about something exchange related, which quite honestly gets on the nerves of everyone else, but we can't seem to talk about anything else.

Then there is Anna, the Australian. We met in sixth grade, but we became friends in seventh grade, then she moved to Australia half way through the year, and came back the summer before sophomore year. She can put up with Carli and I's constant exchange banter because she's basically been on an exchange before.
Sequoia just moved here a few months ago, but has easily melded into our group.
Katie is our adorable little genius blonde. She's one of the smartest people I know but can also be a stereotypical blonde.
And finally, there is Whitney in the picture to the right. Whitney and I are both very similar in that we are not the most normal of people. It seems like Whitney has had the most trouble with me leaving, as she gets along best with me.

Okay, now that you have sort of 'met' all of my friends, I will get on with my point. The other day Whitney and I were sitting in our school's theater after school because that's what us theater kids do, but anyway, Whitney started to tell me how she was worried about what next year would be like. It was then that I realized I was being sort of selfish. All I had thought about was what my next year would be like, but I never thought about what it would be like for Becca, Anna, Whitney, Katie and Sequoia. I had considered what my parents would do without me. I am the youngest out of two. My older sister moved out for college last year, so the house will be empty. My parents are nervous about it, but they are looking forward to being able to travel without having to worry about missing school and that sort of thing.

Sorry for the rambling of this post, I am still on Lortab from my wisdom teeth surgery, and Lortab seems to make me ramble and become rather deep, so disregard the confusingness of this post.

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