Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hay Days and the End of American School (for now)

I haven't written in a while, and I don't really have much of an excuse, considering I have had plenty of time. Nothing exchange related has really happened, but a lot of interesting things in my life have happened.

Two Saturdays Ago: My exchange sister, Vee, had a fund raising Thai dinner to raise money for her USA tour. My mom, outbound friend Carli, and the club president Joe and his wife, Jan, started cooking around two o'clock. The dinner actually started around six but there was a lottttt of food to make. The food was amazing and it was really great getting to know some the members of the Rotary club.

Vee and Me in front of the plane

Two Sundays Ago: Mike and Carol, a couple from my mom's Rotary club, took Vee and I flying in a small plan around my town. I got a little motion sick, but it was really fun.

Two Mondays Ago: When we pulled up at the school we saw all of the students standing around in the front courtyard. This is very strange and my school because hardly anyone hangs around outside in the morning. I went up to one of my friends and found out that the senior prank was putting 30 bales of hay in the commons of my school. It was old, moldy hay so the dust from it caused a fog in the school and eight teachers had been hospitalized from it. They tried to herd all 1,300 students over to the fair grounds next to the school but within about two hours about 4/5ths of the student body managed to escape. At about 10:00 the principal announced school was cancelled for the day. After that, Vee, Carli, our friend Anna and I went over to Carli's house for the rest of the day and jumped on her trampoline and just hung out. Later that night we got a call that school was cancelled until Thursday, but it started snowing on Tuesday and continued on until Friday so most of the hay days were spent inside.

This Friday was the last day of school. It was weird saying goodbye to everyone, thinking that about half of them I will never see again. School got out at noon, and after that Vee, Carli, Sequoia, Sequoia's boyfriend Seth and I went to a grocery store, bought a lot of food and walked to a park to have a picknick. It was a great end to school.

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