Monday, July 18, 2011


Alright, so I haven't really blogged in the past month. Since my last post, not to many interesting things have happened. My short-term residency permit application is at the Swedish embassy and I should hear back from them soon. Hopefully, at least, if I don't hear within about a week or so, I will have to push my departure date back, which I really, really, really don't want to do. I don't have my flight itinerary yet either, and I won't get it until I get my visa.

Vee and our dog Max
In other news: Vee left to go back to Thailand yesterday. I'm not sure if she has landed in Bangkok yet, the time difference makes it hard for me to figure it out. We had to get up at four in the morning to get her to the local airport, which is about half an hour from my house. The roads were completely empty, that is except for the bear we almost hit on the highway. It was perfect for Vee, because seeing a bear was one of the few things she wanted to do here but didn't get a chance.

At the Airport we had to wait in the line to check her bags for about half an hour because our airport is tiny has one check in station. Luckily her bags were in the weight requirement so it didn't take too long. After we checked her in, we sort of just stood there in front of security saying goodbye. We all cried a little, but I managed to keep myself from crying too much until we got to the car.

Going Away Party!

Carli, Me and Vee
 On Friday, we had our group going away party for Vee going back to Thailand, Me to Sweden and Carli to Romania. It was a simple, just a lot of people hanging around my back deck and chatting, eating burgers and Swedish cookies with soda.

 I recently got a new camera, so I used the party as an opportunity to try it out, or in other words, take a lot of really bad pictures of my friends, such as this one of all of us trying to fit in one picture, but none of us had the energy to actually move.
My group of friends

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